giovedì 12 novembre 2020

CANTIERECERAMICO Ceramic Art Residency, Nove, Italy

ceramic art residency Italy

great ceramic artist, Helene started her next ceramic work in Stylnove

Helene Kirchmair Stylnove

we are honored and happy for this certainly beautiful experience together




It is a new material but with ancient roots.
All that nature offers.
The natural dough is like an alchemy
mixed, formed, cooked at 1150 C ° celsius.
ArgiliA is a mixture with high characteristics
techniques in all ceramic segments.
It is resistant, accepts harsh
climates and various tensions.

The straw color was chosen to pay homage
to the ceramics used in the past by "Nove" a town with ancient 
ceramic roots where ceramic is breathed in every place 
and among people, we owe a lot
to Nove and to the people who first in the past brought ceramics to the
highest levels both in quality and in technique and experimentation.

ArgiliA resists: water, abrasions, thermal shock, frost, acids, cuts, fire.

It is a formula developed by Lorenzo Zanovello

exclusively for Stylnove Ceramiche